Snowflake Town Council
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With the growing youth population in Snowflake, the youth of this Town need a place where they can be involved in more activities than the Town and private businesses currently provide for their youth.

Besides Bits and Pieces, (the dance studio), the Internet Cafe, local parks and the pool only during the summer, our youth have no place to gather for activities unless they are involved in sports through the Town or through a church.

Studies show that the more wholesome activities the youth of a community have, the less likely they are to get into trouble. The Town has over $2.8 Million in its unrestricted account. A relatively small amount of this money should be invested in our youth by constructing or otherwise providing the youth with a building for such a club.

The club would provide a place where the youth could play games, pursue crafts, socialize or be involved in other organized activities.

We, the undersigned parents, extended family members, teachers, community amd church leaders, charitable and social organizations and taxpayers, call on the Town Council of Snowflake to immediately dedicate $300,000 from the town's unrestricted fund to build or obtain adequate space for a boys and girls club.

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