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Why give the big companies all the Hundreds of Millions of dollars in stimulus packages?? It won't help because the American people STILL cannot buy, nor help stimulate the economy! There are a few things that REALLY WOULD WORK!

Here is some current info as to where the government has placed funds... taken from The New York Times: The American International Group on Sunday released the names of financial institutions that benefited last fall when the Federal Reserve saved it from collapse with an $85 billion rescue loan and then three subsequent bailouts.

All told, Sundayâ's statement detailed payments of more than $94 billion, excluding payments to municipalities. All were made using government loans. (Read the disclosure by A.I.G. after the jump.)

As the mortgages underlying the credit default swap agreements decayed, A.I.G. was required to post collateral to its counterparties. By September, the firm warned that it would run out of money, prompting the government to swoop in with its initial $85 billion loan.

A subsequent government bailout provided money for the Federal Reserve to buy the securities underpinning these credit default swap agreements, canceling the contracts. Nearly $30 billion was spent to do so.

Nearly $44 billion was paid out to 20 firms, most of which were banks. (One non-bank that appeared on the list was the Citadel Investment Group, the giant hedge fund based in Chicago. It received about $200 million.)

A.I.G. also disclosed $12.1 billion in payments to municipalities, including about $1 billion each to California and Virginia, under guaranteed investment agreements. These were essentially places for municipalities to hold money raised from the likes of bond issuances until the cash was needed.

The insurer has already taken fire this weekend for its plans to pay out more than $165 million in bonuses to employees in the unit that brought A.I.G. down to its knees. Despite the consternation of the Obama administration and Republicans alike, the company was allowed to make the payments because of contractual obligations.

Update: A commenter Devilâ's Advocate helpfully added up how much each listed firm was paid by A.I.G. Goldman comes out on top with $12.9 billion through credit default swap exposure and securities lending contracts, followed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch with $12 billion and then Bank of America itself.

As of 4/1/2009... this is: 306,130,094 Americans in the U.S.A. If the government can give out BILLIONS...why can't they give Millions to the people?

SOOOO... What does the government need to do?

First: Give each NATRUALIZED AMERICAN a 1 Million dollar stimulus check!
This would do several things.
#1. It would allow every American who needs it, a chance to buy a new car.
#2. It would allow everyone to pay off debts! This in turn helps the companies that are owed, to get back on their feet as well.
#3. This would also put money back into our banks, and start the circulation of funds.
#4. This would allow those that need/want to go back to school the ability to do so.
#5 This would also allow people who need medical/dental/vision and other care to get just that!
#6. It would give parents the funds to place their children in day care while working, or attending classes.

It would allow Americans a chance to fill their freezers/pantries/walk-ins. To buy needed clothes.

And instead of a $200, or $700 stimulus on a yearly basis... bigger tax cuts, federal tax cuts for the elderly, and disabled. Our world has changed dramatically, as our economy has shown...so every American should receive a $1000 stimulus every tax season. This is in view of rising prices and costs. OVER taxing is not the answer!

Right now tax hikes, price hikes, fees, and the like are getting out of control..., and again it is directed at the PEOPLE...people who have NO money! This makes no sense, is backward thinking!

We also need to: STOP OUT SOURCING all of our work, and bring it BACK into our own country. This in turn will bring work back to our own people which in turn HELPS OUR COUNTRY!

Start a more rigid program that prohibits Non Naturalized Americans from moving here, AND staying. We have thousands of Illegal Aliens in the United States that ARE NOT accounted for!

I am not saying that we need to be un- friendly, but we do need to start thinking about, and taking care of our own!

Again, we are no good to anyone else if we can't even care for our own people in our own country.

If you agree if any of this, and see that these things would help make a Hugh turn around for our country, PLEASE sigh the petition!

Thank you for reading!

We the undersigned are asking the United States Government to make the choice of giving each and every Naturalized American a non-taxable check for the amount of 1 Million USA dollars, to be used towards homes, cars, medical, and other needed daily costs.

We ask that over taxing, and price gouging not be allowed for at least 1 year after checks have been sent. We ask that the US government give it's people this opportunity to re-start the US economy!

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