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Bill Askinazi
United States of America

Updated July 22, 2006

The Asian-American community has contributed greatly to the welfare, success and well-being of Maryland.

The Asian-American community in Montgomery County desires an Asian Heritage Center to preserve its culture, center its family and educate and motivate its youth and elderly.

It is hereby supported by Bill Askinazi, candidate for Senate, District 15 and the undersigned Asian-American leaders and citizens that an Asian Heritage Center be funded and built in Montgomery County.

Bill Askinazi has pledged to lead the effort to establish and fund the construction of an Asian-American heritage Center in District 15, western Montgomery County. The center will be a magnet for family offering educational resources and meeting rooms. There will be a walking trail and a meditation sanctuary. We have collected thousands of signatures for this effort thus far. The petition will be hand delivered to the Governor in a ceremony in the late fall of 2006. We welcome your support! Please sign the attached petition to support the building of an Asian-American heritage Center in western Montgomery County.

Please sign to support that an Asian Heritage Center be funded and built in Montgomery County, Maryland.

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