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As Youth Workers we have been working with young people in Southway, Plymouth for over four years. The Youth Work Team carried out consultation with Young People in 2011. (The short film that accompanies the consultation is available at - https://vimeo.com/54038314 ) The short consultation paper is available upon request from the Youth Centre. (We have also carried out consultation in Whitleigh - https://vimeo.com/65830441 and Tamerton Foliot - https://vimeo.com/63329473 details are available from The Southway Youth Centre.

One of the key themes that came to light was the lack of social spaces for Young People in the area. Emphasized by the fact that Southway was located on the edge of the city, and the costs involved in accessing any young people resources in the city was prohibitive. Through this consultation a Skate Park for the area was highlighted as one of the top priorities by the young people.

After the initial completion of the consultation, the young people presented the findings to Local Councilors, Police, Plymouth City Council Officials and the Lord Mayor (see - https://flic.kr/s/aHsjCEiU5Yv for photos)

After the presentation, and with the help of local councilors, we secured funding to purchase skate ramps to be used inside the Youth Centre (see - https://vimeo.com/64306135). Following on from this we visited other skate parks in Portland and Dorchester – (see - https://vimeo.com/72816439 and https://flic.kr/s/aHsjEJB6MM.

We have continued to provide a safe space for young people to participate in Urban Sports whilst we have simultaneously secured funds for a static skate park in the area of Southway, for the Young People. To date we have managed to secure an area of land, with Funds secured to the amount of £55, 000. This will need to be followed by further fundraising as an additional £85,000 will need to be secured to build a skate park.

We are aware that areas of Southway are potentially up for further housing development. We are also aware that we are still within a recession and that there is an ever present risk that the provision of services for young people in the area may decline.

In working with the young people of Southway we have seen a drastic decrease in ASB, and reports of ASB in regards to Young People. We have identified that the energy and talents of young people should be embraced, specifically more so if they are engaging in a physical activity that stimulates the growth of positive friendship groups.

We are asking for your support. Support to enable us to provide young people in the area with more things to do, we are asking you to support us and sign this petition for a skate park in Southway.

Thank you.

We, the undersigned, support The Southway Youth Centre to:

Call on Plymouth City Council to provide a Skate Park within the area of Southway for the young people in the area, to offer them a safe space to be and play within their community.

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