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IMVU is going to render products that only AP Pass holders can use unusable, after a significant amount of community members have purchased it with their own money. It is an error on their end they have not fixed and once fixed, will make a large amount of product unavailable to users who have purchased them with credits, which are bought with money.

IMVU AP Holders do not want this happen. AP Holders cannot trade or sell these items. AP Holders can only use these items with other AP holders.

AP Holders are going to be the ones who will suffer the consequences by losing out on product they honestly came by because it was sold in the catalog. AP Holders should not be the ones punished for select individuals who abused the system by selling Mature products either through the regular IMVU purchasing procedures or via another off-site website.

One of the bugs we are working on right now is that, apparently, [formerly] Mature products can still be used after they are marked Mature. Even worse, there are sites out there that have figured out a way to sell hidden products. So, essentially, they are selling products that are marked Mature. We will be rectifying this in short order and involving the authorities where needed.


This petition is now closed. IMVU has disabled mature products and is currently undergoing a reimbursement process to all its Access Pass members who have Mature Content in their inventories. More information can be obtained here at the IMVU Access Pass Holders Only Forum: http://www.imvu.com/catalog/modules.php?op=modload&name=phpbb2&file=viewforum.php&f=23

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We, the undersigned, call upon IMVU to halt their idea to permanently disable current Mature Products from AP Holder's inventories.

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