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The bill states that you will not be allowed to stream or post any music or video game play on the Internet. That includes Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and any other major websites. There are many people who's jobs involve posting videos on YouTube. These people who work for gaming companies like Machinima.

If this bill were to pass, many people can lose their jobs. Another example is how some people can become famous by posting themselves on YouTube and singing songs. Many people may dislike Justin Beiber, but he still became famous and signed to a record deal by posting himself on YouTube singing songs by other artists.

Many of us disagree with Bill S.978. The bill states that people are not allowed to post any videos with any music in the background that is not theirs.

An example is Justin Beiber. Many people may dislike him, but he actually became famous by posting himself sing songs from other artists. He then went off and signed with a record company.

This bill also states that no video game play footage is allowed on YouTube. This means no one can give reviews on the game. Also, many people have jobs on the Internet that involve playing games and posting it on YouTube. For example, people working with Machinima will lose their jobs. An example of a person who was laid off his job and is now working in Machinima is Phil Burnell.

If this bill were to pass, he would lose his job. The last part of the bill also states that you cannot stream shows. This means there can be no anime or other shows that are allowed only in foreign countries. I hope you will sign this petition to tell the Senate to NOT adopt this bill.

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