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This is a notice to request Permit parking on Woodridge Road. Lately, the commuters to NYC have been parking on this street and this has made the driving conditions dangerous due to blind spots.

Additionally, the snow ploughs cannot clear the streets with cars parked on narrow streets.

Enclosed is a petition to be circulated to those affected residents.

If you have further questions, please contact Alok Shah (ashah75@gmail.com) or Carlos Ramirez (crami21221@aol.com)

Petition for "Permit Parking" on Woodridge Road

We petition the city of Clifton to assign permit parking on Woodridge road.

The undersigned being owners of the affected parcels of property, fully consent to this action and authorize the City of Clifton to proceed.

Mail To: Mr. Al Greco, City Manager
Clifton City Hall
900 Clifton Avenue
Clifton NJ 07013

1. Check Box (yes - approval, no - disapproval)
2. Print Name
3. Sign Name (one signature per house, please)
4. Print Address and telephone

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