Pennsylvania House of Representatives
United States of America

Pennsylvania is in desperate need of a change.

We need jobs, and most importantly, a new sustainable revenue source. What if there was a way to create hundreds of jobs, explode the housing market, and create 100 million dollars per year in new tax revenue, without costing taxpayers a dime. The answer is quite simple, legalize marijuana.

Instead of waiting, and being the least progressive state in the country.. Let us get on board a booming industry in its growth stage. How about Pennsylvania becomes "One of the first," instead of "One of the last."

"We the people," need to let our voices be heard.

We, the undersigned, call on Pennsylvania to legalize marijuana.

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The Pennsylvania to legalize marijuana petition to Pennsylvania House of Representatives was written by pennsylvanian's for the legalization of medicinal marijuana and is in the category Health at GoPetition.