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Senator Grassley
United States of America

child safety is the first priority of custody and visitation adjudications and courts should resolve safety risks and claims of family violence before assessing other best interest factors;
quasi-scientific evidence should be admitted by courts only when it meets admissibility standards for scientific evidence;
evidence from court-affiliated or appointed fee-paid professionals regarding adult or child abuse allegations in custody cases should be considered only when the professional possesses documented expertise and experience in the relevant types of abuse, trauma, and the behaviors of victims and perpetrators;
states should define required standards of expertise and experience for appointed fee-paid professionals who provide evidence to the court on abuse, trauma and behaviors of victims and perpetrators, should specify requirements for the contents of such professional reports, and should require courts to find that any appointed professionals meet those standards;
states should consider models under which court-appointed professionals are paid directly by the courts, with potential reimbursement by the parties after due consideration of the parties' financial circumstances; and
Congress should schedule hearings on family courts' practices with regard to children's safety and civil rights

We urge Senator Grassley, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, to pass H. Con. Res 72, to allow for Congress to vote on, and pass it. The passing of this bill will keep our children safe.

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