#Animal Rights
US Government

Although I live in England, I sometimes visit DogsInDanger.com to raise awareness for specific dogs on Facebook. One of these dogs was a male pit bull terrier. He was not given a name by the shelter on the listing, just a number (a kennel number?). However, I named him Bruno. When I first saw his page, Bruno had just five days left to get taken out of the shelter or else he would be killed. However, it appears as though he has now been killed... RIP Bruno.
However, Bruno is not alone. Millions, if not billions, of animals are killed in shelters and "rescue centres" across the USA. According to the ASPCA, approximately 1.5 million animals are killed in shelters. Many of these could well have been healthy, friendly, adoptable cats and dogs.
I propose a new law which could be called "Bruno's Law", which would require all shelters to only kill animals when they absolutely have to, and to only use humane means (no gas chambers). It could also mean that some money from the US Government is put towards funding animal shelters and rescue centres in order to make this work. Please work towards turning the USA into a nation in which no healthy, adoptable animal is killed in or for a shelter or rescue centre. Thank you.

We, the Undersigned, would like to politely ask that you at least consider listening to the animal-loving people of the USA and pass Bruno's Law. Bruno's apparent death should not be in vain, and millions, possibly, billions of other animals could be saved by this approach. Thank you.

The Pass Bruno's Law petition to US Government was written by Victoria Salter and is in the category Animal Rights at GoPetition.