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In the very early morning hours of March 11, 1989 Balcones Heights (Texas) Police Officer Richard Scott Rogiers was shot twice in the head after making a "routine" traffic stop and died nearly 24 hours later on March 12. The man Officer Rogiers pulled over for speeding that fateful morning was Robert Sanchez. Sanchez was convicted of capital murder and is currently serving life in prison (TDCJ #00531913, SID #02701316).

During the trial, Bexar County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Vincent DiMaio pointed out that the first shot was a stunning, but non-fatal blow to the side of the head, which would have caused Officer Rogiers to fall to his knees. At that point, Sanchez could have chosen to flee, leaving Officer Rogiers injured but alive. Instead, while Officer Rogiers was on his hands and knees, Sanchez chose to deliberately fire the second, fatal shot at point-blank range, execution style, to the back of the head.

Officer Rogiers, better known at "Scottie", was 2 weeks shy of his 30th birthday when he was murdered. He left behind a wife of nearly 6 years and a 2 ½ year old son, along with numerous relatives and friends. He had served on the Balcones Heights Police Department for 6 years. Scottie was a loving and caring man who was very dedicated to his family and profession. He was passionately committed to the service of protecting and defending the citizens of Balcones Heights in San Antonio, Texas. He was not a man who deserved to have his life cut short, especially in such a brutal manner.

Robert Sanchez has currently served only 14 1/2 years of his life sentence for the brutal, cold-blooded murder of Officer Rogiers. Sanchez is eligible for parole on March 9, 2004 and was placed into the parole review process on September 9, 2003.

Robert Sanchez is a man capable of cold bloodedly murdering a police officer. He is a man who completely lacks regard for humanity and a man not worthy of rejoining society. He is NOT a man who should serve the minimum sentence for his horrible crime, but rather a man who should die in prison.

We oppose the parole of Robert Sanchez (TDCJ #00531913, SID #02701316), who currently serving a life sentence for the cold blooded murder of Balcones Heights (TX) Police Officer Richard Scott Rogiers.

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