NHL Board of Governors

Hockey Night in Canada is a national institution.

For years, I have feared hockey's future on CBC due to the overwhelming strength of other companies in its sector. Now, that fear has become reality.

The NHL however, should not turn its back on the CBC. The NHL is only successful in this country because of the amazing coverage and innovation the CBC has provided the sport over the past decades. Some could argue that CBC doesn't have what it takes to continue delivering the sport to modern viewers, however I am perfectly comfortable with viewing HNIC in its current format, free of super-imposed ads and overplayed Sportsnet tunes.

Furthermore, HNIC powers the CBC by providing revenue for other programming. Without revenue-earning hockey on its airways, what will happen to the CBC? Will it be begging for viewer funding like PBS come 2020? Our current government certainly won't be contributing to offset revenues.

The National, for example, is a program that needs to endure. Where will it be in 10 years?

There are consequences to this deal. A select group of people will be better off because of it, however our national broadcaster will suffer, and with it, so will we.

It's only right for our national sport to power our national broadcaster. The earnings from our sport should be shown through programming on our network, not through higher dividend payouts for shareholders and salaries for NHL players.

Hockey should be protected as part of our national heritage, and not sold to the highest bidder in the form of a monopoly. It's a SAD NIGHT IN CANADA.

Please sign the petition, and with enough support it can be sent to the NHL, its board of governors, and the CRTC. With enough help, perhaps we can save HNIC and the CBC.

I also invited you to submit your own point of view directly to the NHL through the link above (select Television Broadcasting as the subject)

By signing, I hereby agree to have my name attached to an invitation to the NHL Board of Governors to overturn the NHL - Rogers Broadcasting agreement.

I request that he NHL reevaluate the consequences of this contract, and the loss it represents for so many Canadian viewers.

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