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Dear Neopets,

It has always been a known fact that people try to scam/crack people out of their passwords. But now it seems like too big of a problem. The idea of adding the security code estinguished the cracking option that hackers did have. But it seems that other people have the whitts to outsmart people out of their password, & neopet glitches occur, what we are proposing will also greatly lessen the option of this.

We, the people of neopets propose that; The Neopets Team would put a lock on the profile page also placing the link of the self freeze site only inside the profile page, which would mean that any information cannot be changed without a proper code designated at signup and something that only an email could retrive w/ a special retrive password page. And, without knowing the 2nd password to access the profile page.

The, "hackers/scammers", cannot see the e-mail in the account to e-mail hack their account. Only the person/owner of the account will know what it was they signed up with. This would stop hackers from password changing (locking out the actual owner from saving their account & any prefrences edited without the knowledge of the owner. Also, from freezing the account they are hacking. This would sae you all alot of headaches, time and begging E-mails when hackers attack.

The 2nd password page, to gain access to the profile site, mentioned earlier would require a question that the owner of the account creates (to help make it easy for them to remember, but not hackers to know. On opening an account they would section from a dropdown a list of personal questions, easy for the owner to know, hard for a hacker. i.e-
Who was my best friend since 1st grade?
Let's just say the answer is ashley so when you go to retrieve any settings you would have to type to that answer (ashley) to be able to access the profile page. This protects hackers from seeing our birthday and e-mail etc.. so, they cant try to E-mail the account saying its theres with our private information.. later on after hacking us..

In addition, that When you make this option, neopets has a e-mail sent to everyone with current active accounts for an activation of our 2nd password for our profile page. The activation have Question Options to chose from like 6 different ones. - i.e. What is your mothers birth State. Then you type in your answer -ex. Idaho.. Then, submit to active - Now this answer is the only way you can getinto the profile. Hackers will never be able to see your profile only you. ON this page there be a resend 2nn profile password. When it shows the next page - this page ask two questions - what is your birthday and your zipcode. Then and only then if you answer right (as noone see's your birthday - its in your profile -) it will only then send to your e-mail. Protecting all of neopia and stopping hackers and even scammers.

In conclusion, Neopets we write you this because we want the hacking to stop. Neopets is just a game to most but to some of us its a different life where all of our friends are. If you took in effect, it would immensly increase the complication to hack our accounts. If they did get in, we are still able to stop them!

We all here who sign this petition are asking you to show you really do care about us as people, not buisness interests. And, WILL add this new feature to protect us Neopians who support you. Please support US!

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