#Law Reform
United States of America

The United States currently allows organizations to raise unlimited amounts of money through Super PACS to help support the election of political candidates.

This creates anonymity so we do not know who is supporting which candidate and allows supporters to run advertisements which may be untruthful and cannot be traced back to the individual or party running for office.

The individual or party running for office is not officially receiving funds but they benefit from donations and are ultimately tied to donors when they are elected.

This gives corporations an avenue to buy governmental favors. Donations may also be anonymous and voters cannot see who is donating to a particular campaign.

We the people of the United States of America call for an abolition of super pacs.

1. End the practice of allowing donations to super PACS for political campaigns

2. Create a national TV channel and host all elections and candidate and party TV ads for free

3. Require all advertisements on private stations disclose who paid for them and how much they paid toward a candidate or party's campaign. This must be stated in a neutral voice at the beginning of each commercial.

4. Require all companies and individuals who make a donation to a campaign or run an advertisement for or against a candidate to register with the federal government. They must report to a neutral government entity the cost of the donation, what kind of donation it was, if it was a commercial or advertisement, who it supported or denounced, how much the donation was or how much the advertisement cost, who made the donation and where the money came from or who funded it. This information must be publicly available online.

5. Enable lawyers to file class action law suits if advertisements or publicity initiatives are found to be untruthful. If funders or donors lie they should be responsible for paying damages.

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