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Spain and France have already passed regulations regarding food waste. We employ the world to follow suit. Voters, figureheads of governments and corporate lobbyists have signed below from various nations.

With Americans throwing out 165 billion dollars worth of food every year and the same being replicated across the globe, it turns into an issue of human rights. It is morally wrong that people are starving on the street when only 15% of all this wasted food would be enough to feed more than 25 million people every year.

Globally 805 Million people suffered from undernourishment between 2012-2014. There is already an underlying want as such movements have happened throughout history. Here we are trying to represent that want.

For further information-

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We, the undersigned, call for the countries to act.

We call for them to take action individually but in accordance with the rest of the world, to outlaw food waste. Models on how this can be done are seen through Spain and France.

By signing below I want to show that this is an important issue to me and should be acted upon by those who are governing me.

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