Aylesbury Vale District Council
United Kingdom

Calisthenics is a new type of exercise to the 21st century, that keeps you an your body in top physique an great health. Health is wealth, and outdoor fitness areas are now set up worldwide to provide community's with places to workout whenever they want free of charge.

These fitness areas are designed to let anyone of any age an genre use them. In many areas across the world, competitions have now started, causing a giant interest in the sport worldwide.

These areas tend to bring people together from all backgrounds and nationalities of life.

We, the community of Aylesbury vale, request the Aylesbury Vale district Council for an Outdoor Fitness and Sports Area inside the Vale park.

It would be an amazing site to see children working out together with their parents.

All people of all ages can connect inside the community at a local area to stay fit and healthy.

Sign today to help make a positive change inside your community.

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The Outdoor Fitness and Sports Area for Vale park petition to Aylesbury Vale District Council was written by Jordan Oxley and is in the category Health at GoPetition.