County of Hawai’i
United States of America

As a resident of Hawai’i we have seen our kids stripped of their rights to play sports! We need to band together and stand up in what is right. The youth of today is highly influenced by technology, it’s hard for them to unplug. Shutting down the parks to organized sports is punishing the kids of Hawaii! Why?! In order to slow the spread of Covid-19 thats wrong! It’s wrong to strip our kids of Hawaii another year of sports when travel is wide open. Why do you punish the kids? Is it because they do not fill the elected official’s pockets, with money like tourism does? Our kids have a right to healthy living. Healthy living is sports. Kids around the world use sports as an outlet to better their lives, to release stress, and to find who they are and what they can be. The children of Hawaii are no different! Keep the parks open to organized sports, who have an action plan on how and what to do to keep the players safe from Covid-19. More kids are getting COVID-19 from school and travel then organized sports. As an organized sports Leaders I understand I cannot stop my players from getting COVID-19 but what I can do is know how to handle it if someone does test positive, and how to do our best to sanitize and monitor each player at games and practice. How can we continue to rob our kids of Hawaii from sports, and from their life as a child. How is that not child abuse? Let Them Play!! Wanna slow the spread? Here’s a suggestion Go back to travel testing or shut down travel, don’t steal the youth from our Kids! Look back at when travel testing was enforced and what our numbers were then, now look at it,. vaccinated or Not it’s proven you can still contact and spread COVID-19 so let’s go back to travel testing but keep our parks open. Let The Kids Play!! If Our kids are the future how dare you elected officials rob them of it!! We owe it to them to do everything in our power to let them be kids. So LET THEM PLAY!!

We the people of Hawaii, call on the State of Hawaii and the county of Hawaii to keep our parks open to all organized sports, with action plans on how to prevent and address Covid-19 with in their program. Let the kids play. Stop stripping the childhood from all Hawaii children. Enough is enough, they already lost a year, how much more will they be forced to lose. Let them play!!

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