Optus (SingTel)

There have been numerous reports by Optus customers, that over the last few months and more, their Mobile and Internet Networks have been widespread and quickly deteriorating.
- Mobile: Optus network deteriorating
- Internet: International traffic congestion
- Modems: Cisco DPQ 3925 issue

Such problems exist for the Mobile Network as;
- Low Signal Strength in populated areas.
- Low Signal Quality (regardless of signal strength) in populated areas.
- Dropped phone calls within reception areas.
- Echoing on phone calls.
- Failed calls within reception areas.
- 3G reception drops in and out.
- 3G data fails
- Delayed SMS/MMS
- Failed SMS
- Major congestion & blackspot issues in Metro areas
- Congestion & blackspot issues spreading to regional areas

Such problems exist for the Internet as;
- Slow International Links
- Congestion in the evening
- High latency
- Unreliable hardware and Modems

From a company that launched a "Yes, we hear you" campaign in July, 2007.
Well, we ask that you please hear us.

We, the undersigned, call on Optus (SingTel) to uphold their contractual obligations to provide us, their customers, with the same high quality service we once expected, and signed up for.

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