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Every year in California there are 60-80,000 child abuse victims – 50-60% of cases are never reported according to the California Department of Health.

It’s important to talk to children about safety and letting them know that they can always talk to you or a teacher at school “if a grown up makes them feel hurt or uncomfortable in any way.”

Children need to know that they can turn to us, as their parents or their teachers if they are afraid or experiencing harm.

Studies show that good communication and support between children and their parents contributes to the success of a child’s life, decreasing the chance of running away and engaging in risky behaviors as a young adult.

Our campaign California73 seeks to strengthen relationships between families in the community, help to find missing children, and most ambitiously, to open Thriver Houses in all college/community college neighborhoods throughout the state of California.

Thriver House is comparable to college dorms for survivors of child abuse over the age of 18, who no longer have (or have never had) support from family, friends, or government benefits.

Thriver House hopes to offer a safe home without the need to worry about paying for rent, food, or even having to talk about what they have been through (although support group meeting will be offered.)

There are no time limits on residence, so a survivor can stay as long as they need to finish college, get their dream job, or just take things one day at a time.

Our goal is to end suffering by offering stability, guidance, friendship, and non-judgmental support toward a truly bright future through Thriver House!

Please help us achieve this by signing our petition and making a donation!

Once we get enough signatures of support, we hope to get funding from other charities and from corporate donors.

Thank you so much!

We the undersigned, seek to open Thriver Houses -- college-style houses for child abuse survivors 18 years or older -- in community/college districts throughout California!

Thriver House is where survivors can overcome childhood trauma and pursue happy and fulfilling lives at their own pace without pressure.

Survivors can choose to go to college, find and achieve the job of their dreams, or just take things one day at time to recover from the past.

I fully support Thriver House with my signing of this online petition!

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