#Media Issues

In over a decade, Facebook has grown to 1.11 billion users. It is valued at $104 Billion dollars, and should be updated to reflects it's users needs. (http://www.statisticbrain.com/facebook-statistics/)

People wish to quickly express their feelings, but are given only one choice.


I want more, Not Just "Like."

A friend's pet dies. Why would I click like? How about a sympathy button. I am outraged by a news event. Where's the anger button? I am laughing so hard I am crying, I click the lmao button through my tears of joy.

You get the idea. Simple. Honest. Choice!

We, the undersigned Facebook users want more, Not Just "Like."

Dear Facebook,

Please create a survey and seek our input. Show us different button choices with varied emotions, and let us vote. We are the ones who have built up Facebook over a decade, and deserve to have a voice in how we express ourselves.

Thank you,
Your Loyal Users

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The Not Just "Like" petition to Facebook was written by Claire Hudson-McLean and is in the category Media Issues at GoPetition.