Not Another Holocaust!

How would you react if you became aware of the fact that extremist sects were gradually taking over key positions of international power? And what if these groups were doing so because they consider themselves the chosen ones of God? -- chosen to bring global events into line with Biblical prophecy so that this would make possible the coming of the Messiah as predicted at the end of times? What if these fanatics, as the final step towards achieving their goal, are planning to provoke a Third World War starting in the Middle East, a Third World War that will first reduce the Holy Land to ashes and then the rest of the world? Frightening, but a sad reality – because this is exactly what is happening now.

Evangelical Pentecostal churches play a major role in this secret apocalyptic battle as well as the pseudo-judaic esoteric cult of Chabad Lubavich and Hardal – the radical representatives of “religious Zionism”. Each group today has succeeded in gaining alarming positions of power:

Estimating the worldwide budget of the american Kabbala-Church Chabad at “100 Million Dollar a year, to say the least” – which is no less than half of the sum the Vatican has to its disposal – the German Magazine “Focus” calls the late leader of the Cult, rabbi Schneerson, “the hidden ruler of Israel… No jewish statesman on a visit to the United States, no matter if likud or labor, could get around a private audience.” Moishe, son of the most intimate Schneerson-confidant Yehudah Krinsky and Press-Secretary, admits to the journal: “The Rebbe did participate in every Israli development.”On top of that during the last years Chabad was successfully seizing the majority of the jewish chief rabbinates all over the world. Supported from here and via Israeli diplomatic and intelligence channels as well as lobbying the sect (which was called a “mental disease” by the former Berlin Jewish community rabbi Walther Rothschild) promotes its political aims.

The most profound influence of Chabad and Hardal is exerted on the United States, where in the wake of George W. Bush, the spirit of Christian apocalyptic thinking has taken over. In 2003 chabadnik Paul Wolfowitz, an éminence grise of occult power, led the world into the Iraq war which was allegedly prophesied in the Bible. He was assisted by the following persons who were either allegedly inspired directly by the Bible or who had lent an ear to such whisperings: The US President, Vice-President Dick Cheney; National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice, now Secretary of State; Minister of Justice John Ashcroft, the leader of the Republican Party in Congress, Tom DeLay, House Majority Leader (no. 1 and leader of his party), Bill Frist; his vice-secretary (and no. 2) Mitch McConnell, the Republicans’ no. 3, Senate Republican Conference Chairman Senator Rick Santorum, the no. 4 of the party; Senate Republican Policy Committee Chairman Jon Kyl; the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives and vice party spokesperson Dennis Hastert. Furthermore, several advisors of the US President and the chief of the Home Security Department. Each of the above persons had ideological and/or personal ties with the apocalyptic messianic network, some of them sort advice from obscure bible-code experts and doomsday gurus on the eve of the Iraq war.

Now this doomsday-cabal is promoting a war against Iran – with the clear intention of dragging Russia into the final battle of the Apocalypse “Gog versus Magog” and leading the battle towards its climax on the battlefield of Armageddon in the Middle East. We shouldn’t be surprised if President Mahmud Ahmadinejad in Teheran joins in the last act of this Biblical drama, as he too is a believer in the coming of a heavenly Messiah, as are his supporters. Final precondition to this “heavenly liberation act”: the start of the Third World War. Prominent White House critics in the USA (amongst them Senators and Congressmen) already point to the danger of a staged nuclear attack which would provoke this war and initiate a process of mass murder.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN AND ALL INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENTS to

* to realize a ban on sects and networks, which have been proven guilty of undermining the separation between state and church, particularly if such groups are pursuing apocalyptical plans. Even in cases of doubt such groups should be kept under surveillance by the pertinent offices for the defence of the constitution and closely observed by official religious sect advisors. State benefits such as exemption from tax etc. must definitely be stopped until it has been proven beyond a doubt that the respective group does NOT fit into the described scheme.

* realize the introduction of a law which bans members of government and government bureaucracy (including members of the state controlled media) from being members of such networks.

* to propose the intervention of inter/national commissions of inquiry to deal with the threat which may emerge from the above organisations and to inform the public about the results of their inquiry. Already existing subsidized institutions for peace and conflict research should be involved in this investigation.

* to urge the international establishment of a permanent structure within a framework of international cooperation (UN, Council of Europe) to deal with this task and to exchange the results of these investigations across national borders. Alternatively or in addition to this we expect that an exchange of information be undertaken at an international level on the subject of Armageddon sects which includes legislative, executive (intelligence service and police) as well as judicial administrations and that this exchange of information be initiated at a government level and from there further down.

* to discuss about the matter that: The subject of an elitist apocalyptic Internationale has not yet been fully researched by historians. We consider it important for historians to attend to this issue and above all to include this subject in high school and university education.

* to understand in and discuss about the fact that In the face of this existing threat we find it unacceptable that the media does not fulfil its public duty as a critical supervisory institution. Continued silence by the media gives credit to rumours that the “fourth pillar of democracy” is controlled by US-American and Israeli intelligence which has already been undermined by messianic networks or is at least cooperating symbiotically with them. (According to the former CIA head William Colby “the Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.” David McGowan, “Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don’t Want You to See”, Common Courage 2000, p. 13).

*to request those resonsible in state broadcasting companys and in senior government departments to counter this alarming impression. Broadcasts immediately must discuss war preparations, which have their origin in so called armageddon-networks.

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