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Cleveland Clinic HealthCare System has announced that it will close the Level II Trauma Care Unit at Huron Hospital located in East Cleveland, a decision that will impact not only the East Cleveland community, but our adjacent cites and suburban neighbors as well as.

The Cleveland EMS, by protocol, takes all trauma patients from our area to Huron Hospital. If they close the Huron Trauma Unit, now, these patients would have to be transported all the way to Hillcrest or Metro Health Hospital, which is approximately 14 miles away and approximately 25 minutes from the patients it serves, that's in good weather and no traffic. When you add to this the fact that the average response time from Cleveland EMS is now approximately 13 minutes, you can see why everyone in the surrounding communities are at risk.

For them to cut services to Cleveland's east side wards and our suburban neighbors are shocking. We believe this decision speaks volumes as to how out of touch they are regarding low income families, the elderly and the working poor in our east side neighborhoods.

Please join us in petitioning our State, Regional and Local government representatives, as well as, community stakeholders to STOP THE CLOSING OF HURON'S TRAUMA CENTER!"

We, the undersigned, call on the Ohio Department of Health & Safety, the Ohio Governor's office; its State Representatives and Community Stakeholders: to urge the Board of Directors, Trustees and CEO & President of the Cleveland Clinic Hospitals, to stop and reverse the decision to close the Trauma Center located in the city of East Cleveland, Ohio, at the Huron Hospital.

And we further petition the Ohio Department of Health & Safety to perform a "Safety Systems Consultation Study" to determine the "Surge Capacity" impact that this decision will have on the region's ability to respond to mass trauma due to natural disaster or terror attack.

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