Conservative Party of Canada

We have some significant concerns that have not been addressed by the Conservative Party of Canada.

At the founding meeting in November, we believe there were multiple breaches of the Conservative Party’s Constitution in sections relating to the operation of an Association meeting and the election of a Board to represent the Conservative Party members.

The result was that an illegitimate board was formed without following due process or adherence to the Conservative Party’s own constitution.

Breaches in the Constitution at the founding meeting are:
5.4: individuals elected to the board that were not present, thus they could not have shown photo ID

6.3: The meeting did not adhere to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised – as 29 individuals presently on the board were not nominated or seconded.

7.2.3: There was no “Affirmation of Office” form completed by the members present OR by those absent. This affirmation is required by all wishing to serve on the board – whether present or not.

7.3.3: This section indicates that the:
Member of Parliament , Retiring Member of Parliament and/or Nomination Candidate must serve as a board member. Neither Tom Lukiwski, nor Ray Boughen are on the Board of Directors.

It is important to note that in attendance at this meeting there were: three current Members of Parliament and the meeting was chaired by an operative from the Political Operations division of the party.

The constituents of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan want and deserve a fair, open and transparent process.

Every constituent who has paid their hard earned dollars to be a member of this great party deserves an opportunity to engage the process. To date, they have been robbed of this opportunity.

Immediate action was taken to have these concerns addressed at the following 4 meetings: I met with the Saskatchewan Caucus Representative on November 24th in Regina, November 27th in Saskatoon, January 25th in Kenaston and again on March 13 in Moose Jaw.

On April 3rd an official letter of complaint was sent to the Caucus Representative.
This is in addition to numerous phone calls.

No action. No resolution.

Due to the fact that our concerns regarding the legitimacy of the “elected” board still had not been addressed, I did not send my nomination package to this illegitimate entity.

A copy of our paperwork was completed and sent by Purolator to Ottawa on May 27th – before the stated deadline (received in Ottawa on May 28th). On May 30th an officer of Political Operations sent us an emailed and notified us that my application would not be considered.

On the advice of a former Party organizer an email was sent on May 27th to the Chair of the Secreatariat committee giving a chronological outline of the events and bringing to his attention our concerns.

The Chair’s investigation of our concerns included a phone call to the party officials that chaired the founding meeting in November. We believe that a proper investigation was not conducted.

No action. No resolution.

We believe that the constituents of this new riding of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan want a fair, open, and accountable process. Furthermore, we are confident that the Conservative Party will do the right thing – hit the reset button, go back to the founding meeting and address these significant concerns.

Let’s not gift wrap this riding to the Opposition! We, the undersigned, residing in the riding of Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-Lanigan call on the Conservartive Party of Canada to do the right thing: hit the reset button -- and redo the founding meeting thus conducting a fair, open and accountable process.

The candidate we want to represent us in the next Federal election is a fellow Moose Javian, Mr. Fraser Tolmie.

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