#City Permit Application for Walldog Festival or Event
City of High Springs Commissioners
United States of America

TheWalldogs.com have been invited to paint in High Springs by a corporation called The Heart of High Springs, Inc., The High Springs city commissioners are unaware of how many people want or don't want such a paint-fest to take place, so we're offering you a chance to unravel the mystery by signing this petition.

WALLDOGS are trained craftsmen who paint old-fashioned billboard-sized murals and want to use High Springs for their canvas. They must be trained to paint, so they are accompanied by their own trainees. Local artists do not paint, but local residents and businesses will be asked provide their meals, drinks, snacks, outdoor toileting facilities and housing. The craftsmen get paid for their work, and it is our understanding that they are to be hired to paint 10-12 murals featuring the faces of people from the city's past and their names in large-font lettering.

The petition asks the commissioners to DENY the necessary permit for a Walldog festival in High Springs. Unfortunately, High Springs is already ON TheWalldogs.com schedule of upcoming events for early 2023! AND, a "Launch the Walldogs into High Springs" event WAS already permitted and is taking place this week (March 12-19). So we must act quickly!

In an attempt to make you feel like part of the team, part of the decision-making process, volunteers for The Heart of High Springs, Inc. will ask you to check-off which murals you prefer. Please note that they will NOT ask you or entertain what you DON'T prefer.

We who are offering this petition want you to know that we love art, and we love festivals, but we do NOT love "Walldog Art Festivals". We think High Springs has character, and it doesn't need characters on its buildings to prove it. We know High Springs is historical and it doesn't need to display it on its buildings to show it. And we believe that High Springs has flavor, and doesn't need bottlefuls of spicy billboard-sized advert-style commercial art dumped on its buildings for people to take it in.

If you DON'T want High Springs to look like a rodeo theme park, a carnival or an antique shop that just regurgitated on itself, then you need to sign this petition!

And think also of who will benefit, who will maintain these attractions (see our arrows sign!) and who will have to look at it every day. Some board members of The Heart of High Springs, Inc. don't even live in Alachua county! They can ask anyone, any time, any where to donate to their non-profit for the love of art, but you are the only one who can SAY NO TO WALLDOGS!

Please share this petition on Facebook and other social media to get the word out to every resident and business agency in town.

We, the undersigned, call on the Commissioners of the City of High Springs to DENY or VOTE AGAINST any permit application that would allow a WALLDOG festival or event to take place in High Springs. We further assure the Commissioners of the City of High Springs that we will not vote for any Commissioner who votes in favor of a Walldog Festival or event in High Springs.

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