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North Carolina will start this new zero tolerance rule on speeding stating that the myth of 5 miles per hour over the speed limit is a joke and now they are going to show everybody by issuing speeding tickets based on zero tolerance. One mile over the speed limit means you will get a ticket.

To drive exactly 55 or 40 or 35 exactly is impossible in fact Google autonomous cars can't even do this. In fact not even your cruise control can do this.

So it all points to the fact that North Carolina has decided we need more money so let's beat up our residents and all tourism.

Well let me just say that we vacation several times a year, often in North Carolina. We spend a lot of time gem hunting and gold prospecting in North Carolina, but with this new "speeding" law we will boycott North Carolina. The state is looking for money from drivers for no good reason.

North Carolina will start on 4/1/16 issuing speeding tickets for one mile over the speed limit.

Please SIGN this petition to let North Carolina know how the rest of the the United States thinks about this.

And REMEMBER the rest of the states will follow so stop this now before it makes it to your state.

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