#Consumer Affairs
Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Whereas Ontario is in recession, and;

Whereas Ontario has lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs under Dalton McGuinty’s watch, and;

Whereas the McGuinty Liberals promised not to raise taxes, and;

Whereas the McGuinty Liberals did not campaign on harmonizing the PST and GST, and;

Whereas the McGuinty Government’s plan to harmonize the PST and GST will result in Ontario taxpayers paying 8% more for a multitude of products and services including gasoline, home heating fuel, internet services, hair cuts, gym memberships, legal services, construction and renovations, car repairs, plumbing and electrical services, landscaping services, leisure activities, hotel rooms, veterinary services for the family pet and even funeral services, and;

Whereas Ontario taxpayers cannot afford this tax grab;

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

• That the Government of Ontario abandon the harmonized sales tax plan announced in the 2009

• That the Government of Ontario abide by the Taxpayer Protection Act and consult with taxpayers and voters through a referendum or by campaigning on a platform of raising taxes before introducing any tax increase.

The No to Harmonized Sales Tax (An increase of 8%) petition to Legislative Assembly of Ontario was written by Hazen Valliant-Saunders and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.