Ministry of Health

New working shifts are standardised for all hospitals for house officers. Basically, the idea was not making us house officers any better. It could be actually worse.

We are worried that we will be drown in these works and making us a lifeless creatures where some of us could have been married, have or child or whats more carrying a life in ourselves. These working hours are expected to be exhausting.

This October, they are going to standardise the working hours for house officers in Malaysia

Currently, all hospitals have their own working shift for house officers. However, ministry of healthy Malaysia already make a regulation to standardize the working shift.

3 shifts:
Am shift: 0700-1700 (10hous)
Pm shift: 0700-2200 (15hours), no next day off, unless night shift
Night shift ON : 1800-0900 (15 hours), next day off

What's unacceptable is the PM shift. In Hospital Sungai Buloh, we house officers able to manage fine with 2 shifts AM and ON. To work until 10pm is bot unacceptable. Why do there are different working hour between house officers and licensed medical practitioners?

Please understand that we house officers have different workloads. We are the one to carry out the plan decided from the superiors. We have to spend time to document all the progresses of the patients during the day. We are the one to request the appointments date for the patients and we are the one dealing with blood taking of the patients. These works consume our energy. All these works left us with no time to rest. And it is nearly impossible to finish all the work at the exact time.

We demand this not because we are spoiled. However, we want to SAVE ourselves. Please, with this new standardised working shifts commence, it will make us more fatigue and we are putiing dangers to ourselves. Mind that some of us live far over 1 hour. If working 10 hours alone, ON alone risks us to accidents, how would these affect us in the future.

Please, listen to us house officers. Ask us which working shifts best suit us.

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