#Students' Rights
United States of America

Students should have Friday Off of school because students get a two day break but they go to school for five days every week. It will give teachers an extra day to get work done with having to watch a class and will give kids an extra day to be kids and have fun with their friends.

Imagine if you have two kids one in middle school and one in elementary and you have planned to take a mini vacation and want it to be a three day vacation but in order for that to happen you kids has to miss school and then have a lot Of work to make up. So you might as well just not take the vacation and then you don't have a lot of time to spend with your family.

This would not have happened if student had Friday off, they will still get a good amount of education and a good amount of family time. some states do not go to school on Friday but most do.

We, the undersigned, want the USA to take action and let students have Friday off of school. The reason for this is because kids need to be kids and be able to get a good education without going to school 5 days a week every week and only having a 2 day break in between.

It will help so that students don't have to miss school to go on trips and will give them a longer break. Please consider this petition.

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