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New Brunswick Government

The employees of the Welsford Government Garage were advised their location would be closed and their jobs terminated at end of May, 2004. There was no previous warning provided. There were no explanations, nor any ideas as to how their functions were to be carried out in the future. The Concerned Citizens about the Welsford Garage Closure need to see a detailed plan on how their roads will be maintained with the same or better grade of service. No plan? No Plowing Ahead!

I would like the government of New Brunswick to communicate the plan for the replacement of the Welsford Government Garage that provides equal or greater service to my community and the travellers through it. If the plan is not sufficient I support reversing the decision to close the facility.

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The No Plowing Ahead with Welsford Garage Closure petition to New Brunswick Government was written by Mary-Gwen & David Alston and is in the category Roads & Transport at GoPetition.