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1. Save Killicomaine Football Pitch

Please sign this petition to stop a new community centre being built on the football pitch in Killicomaine. If this goes ahead there will be nowhere left in the Killicomaine area for children to play safely and they will be forced to play on the streets.

This pitch is used for Youth Football in the summer.
How can an area the size of Killicomaine be left without a football pitch?

At present Brownstown Park has 2 pitches with a brand new 3rd Generation pitch soon to be developed there.

Portadown Public park has 3 pitches.
Corcrain have a pitch also.

We simply can't allow this to go ahead and you must sign this partition as future generations will grow up without in the estate.

Please sigh this partition if you want your children/grandchildren to play safe.

2. Stop sign for intersection of county road 24 and county road I, Cuming County, Nebraska

3 boys were killed in a auto crash at the intersection of county road 24 and county road I, in Cuming County, Nebraska.

At this intersection you come over a hill and there is the intersection with a stop sign. We are trying to get Cuming County to put up a stop ahead sign. They tell us there is no need.

Many people say they have ran that stop sign because they don't know it is there until drivers top the hill.

3. Keep Step Ahead Day Nursery Open

June 5, 2006

Closure of nursery.

The Step Ahead Day Nursery has served the needs of the College and local community for many years, with the highest standard of childcare.

4. Stop Insurance Companies From Putting Profits Ahead Of People

Every year insurance companies routinely deny plan participants from receiving lifesaving treatments, medications, and procedures. We pay our monthly premiums, choose doctors based on plan coverage, meet deductibles, and complete all the paperwork insurance companies require. We do this believing that our insurance will be there in a crisis.

However, too often the one person who makes the decision at the insurance company disregards the medical evidence and denies us treatment. Please help us by coming together to stop insurance companies from putting profits ahead of people.

5. No Plowing Ahead with Welsford Garage Closure

The employees of the Welsford Government Garage were advised their location would be closed and their jobs terminated at end of May, 2004. There was no previous warning provided. There were no explanations, nor any ideas as to how their functions were to be carried out in the future. The Concerned Citizens about the Welsford Garage Closure need to see a detailed plan on how their roads will be maintained with the same or better grade of service. No plan? No Plowing Ahead!

6. Manchester Mardi Gras Outdoor events Go-ahead

Quoted on the Manchester Mardi Gras Website:

Following discussions with the Police and the Council over the last week, we have to tell you that the VBA have had no option but to cancel the outdoor events and the Works Party.

A full statement is being prepared by the Chair of the committee for Monday morning, but until then, all I can tell you is that this decision has been taken on the grounds of safety and liability.

The events to be cancelled are: Sackville Park's events, including the bar, food stall and main stage, the Essential Dance Arena and compound, the Street Market, The Works Party, and, saddest of all, the Big Parade.