Why Don't We

Daniel James Seavey and the boys of Why Don't We enjoy flipping their phones, it is very careless and needs to stop. They flip them over balconies and other high places. The boys inevitably, will soon break their phones. If they break their phones, they will not be able to go on Twitter or Instagram. If they can't go on social media, they cannot connect will limelights on that given day or time. Jack Robert Avery, Jonah Marais Roth Frantzich, Zachary Dean Herron, and Corbyn Matthew Besson have also joined the aforementioned Daniel James Seavey in the pursing of flipping their phones. They are learning to flip their phones in sync. One day, they will soon get too cocky and break their phones. In interviews, they are flipping microphones and jenga blocks out of habit from flipping their phones. This need to stop. So please sign this and help the boys stop their addiction of flipping phones.

We, limelights, call on the boys of the band Why Don't We to halt the action of flipping their phones.

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The No More Phone Flipping Why Don't We petition to Why Don't We was written by Addy Benton and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.