Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of US Department of Health and Human Services
United States of America

The current National Medicaid qualifications for Adults without dependents applies to those who are considered disabled with low income, has SSI or SSD, or has health costs that exceed a certain amount of deductibles and income.

Therefore, Adults who work 40 hours or more a week with Chronic Illness and/or a Handicap without health care benefits available through their place of employment are punished by this system. They work these hours to cover living expenses and non-optional health treatment and/or prescriptions. Their income exceeds that of which is required to qualify.

These Adults opt out of going on SSD or SSI and living on a complete plan of State and Federal funded resources. Instead, they decide to work to pay for their own cost of living. Still, though, they are unable to receive any reasonable premium for private health insurance due to their conditions. This is where the Federal Government needs and must step in with No-Cost Medicaid to give these people needed and, most importantly, deserved relief.

WE MUST help our own Nation!

We, as the Adult Citizens of The United States of America, call on Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of the US Department of Health and Human Services to introduce a No-Cost Medicaid Health Plan into the National Medicaid for those who have Chronic Illness and/or Handicap that choose to work 40+ hours to be self-sufficient.

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