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Let's start by saying I didn't like the words that president Trump chose in explaining the protest by NFL Players . However I have felt for several weeks that a NFL player can make a phone call any day of the week to any media outlet and have a means to talk about any inequalities or any injustice they choose to address . For any person or player to not stand for the flag is the wrong platform to choose for a protest . If your child wants to get your attention and throws a rock through your window . You then scream at your child and ask him why he did it , and the child says mom I had something really important to tell you . At that point does it really matter what the child has to say . My point is that whether you agree or disagree with the protest , the vehicle being used for the protest is a poor choice . Just because it will get the attention of people , it does not make it right . I consider myself a huge NFL fan , but it's up to us as fans to show players and the NFL that we will not accept any player or person kneeling during our country's great anthem . Too many men and women of all races and backgrounds have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms . I know many people will say , well this protest is one of these such freedoms . I feel that this is just a poor excuse . If you feel the words of president Trump were divisive and cause such a reaction , then look in the mirror and understand that kneeling for the flag will cause a divisive response as well .To sum it up , today I will choose to turn my tv off if such a massive protest exists.

We, the Undersigned, call on the NFL to implement a policy that will suspend a player if they decide to sit during the National Anthem. As NFL fans we ask the NFL to be proactive and have a player representative from each team meet with Goodell and talk about the issues the players feel need to be addressed. Then the NFL & that team can start an outreach program in each community to address such issues. If the NFl players & the NFL continue to allow players to kneel during our great anthem , We as paying customers need to let the NFL & players know how we Truly Feel. The most important game for the NFL season is the Suberbowl. This game generates millions of dollars on sponsorships alone. Today I asks you to sign this petition & commit to a complete blackout of the Superbowl this coming year. We need to have millions of signatures early so the NFL understands how we as paying customers truly feel. Please join me & commit to either not watching & or attending the upcoming Superbowl.

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