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Dear Friends,

Over the last few years, we’ve experienced many changes in our children's education. Now, we're starting to understand the consequences and its effects to our Island children. The consequences include but are not limited to:

* Island children having the lowest academic scores in Canada.
* An on-going battle with kindergarten children on buses with older aged children;
* An increasing number of children on buses for longer periods of time;
* Classroom over crowding;
* School closures due to poorly maintained buildings;
* Exorbitant amounts of money being spent to maintain old schools and build new ones without studies or planning;
* The demise of an elected board; and
* Schools closures.

I ask you: can it get any worse?

Well, I fear it's about to. Island children have only ONE voice, a provincially- appointed official who is a representative of the voices that have caused the deterioration of our education system.

We need to work together. We have to call on our elected officials to change legislation right away. The Eastern School District (ESD) needs to have an elected board put in place as soon as possible.

Please join me and other community members and parents by signing this petition. We will present this petition to the Ghiz Government and Minister Currie.

I've spoke to a lot of you, and would love to speak to more of you. If you have further questions please feel free to email (martiemurphy@gmail.com) or call me directly 629-5125.

As a community member and a parent I'm concerned. I need your help to make the changes we need to get our education system back on track. Please feel free to forward the petition to friends, family and community members. We need to work together to have the changes made.

Thanks so much,

Martie Murphy

President Rural Alliance

WHEREAS the Provincial Liberal Government amendment to the School Act gave the power to the Minister of Education to dissolve an elected school board;

AND WHEREAS Hon. Doug Currie, the Provincial Minister of Education, used said power to dissolve the democratically elected Eastern School Board and appoint an unelected and unaccountable consultant, thus ceasing the public voice of the Eastern School Board;

AND WHEREAS it is important that parents and community members have a voice in Public Education on PEI;

WE, THE UNDERSIGNED, PETITION the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island to enact legislation to require that an election for a new school board must be held within 90 days of the Minister exercising his powers of dissolution under the School Act.

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