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Located in Helendale is the popular community of Silver Lakes. Many of us have known this community to be a retirement community, but that is certainly not the case anymore.

More and more families and their children are relocating to Silver Lakes every year, the problem is being that this is mainly an adult/senior orientated community there isn't much for children to do. Something needs to be brought forward to the SLA in order to make adaptions for these children.

Back in the late 1990's and early 2000's, located in the Equestrian Area of Silver Lakes off of Lakeview Drive, was a sign designating a piece of land to be a park in the future. Since then, the sign has been destroyed and there is no park in sight. Now, its being used for illegally dirkbiking, even though the open desert is located two streets away.

Lately, the Silver Lakes Association has been spending money on trying to make Silver Lakes "nicer". Unfortunately, they are unnecessary changes. ie: The sign located by the fire dept. or the new landscaping by the Market/Post Office. The community's Home Owner Association money, that isn't being use, should be use to develop the park, that at one time Silver Lakes advertised.

Yes, many of you may say there already is Hartford park by South Lake, and playgrounds located at the beaches, but many of you don't realize how many children there are located in the Equestrian area. They should be able to have somewhere to hang out closer to home and in hopes stay out of trouble like many of Silver Lakes' children are these days.

Please sign this petition in hopes that Silver Lakes will one day become the family orientated community it needs to be, rather than a retirement community.

Also, if you don't reside in Silver Lakes or even in California, feel free to sign this petition to help benefit the kids that do reside in my community. I can use all the help I can get.


We, the undersigned, call on the Silver Lakes Association to develop a way and plan to build a park in the Equestrian area off of Lakeview Drive.

This way Silver Lakes Home Owners' money is being use to not only benefit the children, but help ease the transition of Silver Lakes becoming a Family Orientated Community rather than a Retirement Community that it has always been known as.

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