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National Clean Water Collective
United States of America

The National Clean Water Collective is comprised of grassroots organizations and activists that have come together to solve the Flint Water Crisis.

They conducted their third successful water drop on Columbus Day, and across three water drops they have mobilized hundreds of activists in over twenty states.

Additionally, through their “CleanWater4Flint” project, the team has collected and distributed over $100,000 worth of supplies to the community with the help of sponsors like Watercura, The National Council of Women, FILA, The Budgetnista, That Suits You, Piece of the Rock Foundation, and The #BeYou Campaign.

The National Clean Water Collective is currently working to develop and implement a comprehensive plan that focuses on both immediate relief and long-term solutions.

I am signing this petition as an endorsement of the National Clean Water Collective. The NCWC is an on-the-ground organization that has provided thousands of dollars of vital supplies and water to the residents of Flint, MI. In conjunction with a short-term relief plan that provides immediate assistance, they have established a network of activists, volunteers, and other organizations around the country to develop long-term solutions for a more sustainable Flint. The Collective illustrates a necessity in our society to bring scientists, engineers, activists, organizers, business-people, and policy-makers together to confront America’s deepening water crisis.

The United Nations’ 6th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG #6) is a global promise for clean water. It is the acknowledgement that clean water is a human right, a truth which we recognize as self-evident in our path to a sustainable future.

It is our responsibility to utilize our platform and resources to make this goal a reality.

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