#Children's Rights
Government and Media

Young children can see that people are different, but they choose to discriminate when they are taught that the others are less than they are.

It may take time to decrease bullying in our schools, but if we do not address it seriously we will suffer the consequences in our homes, streets and communities.
Government , the Media and Sport Clubs have a big role and responsibility in providing good role models and safe environment to children in schools and society in general.

We want the media to stop excusing and glorifying bad behavior such as sexual/physical assault from those in the public eye. What is acceptable or not in society is often set by the media and famous people. Young people's attitudes can be easily influenced by them.

Sport Clubs have to clean their act if they have access to our school children. Ultimately the Government is responsible to provide a safe environment for children and at all costs should protect them from bullying and predators.

We need a National Forum to talk about the escalating and acceptance of violent behavior we see in our streets and schools.

We call for the government, media, sports clubs, teachers, students, children specialists and all citizens to be involved and discuss our children policies, problems and possible solutions.

Our children are our future, and we can not continue ignoring problems and hope for the better, all of us will suffer and regret it. Without protecting our children, Australia will not continue to be a safe and a happy place.

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