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The purpose of this page is to gather enough signatures (LIKES) to force National Public Debates between the political parties in Antigua and Barbuda. This is intended to be the genesis of paradigm shift in our political climate for the betterment of our society.

We no longer want to hear political rhetoric spewed from a loud speaker on a vehicle nor do we want to hear political candidates abuse each other at political rallies. No longer do we want to hear empty promises or nearly impossible promises coming from a political platform without substance or the possibility of a question or challenge from the electorate.

We need our Candidates to speak to issues those we, the electorate, care about. We want to be able to question our leaders on these issues, hear the details of their plans and effectively analyze their program for Antigua and Barbuda.

Some of the issues include:
1. Education
2. Health Care
3. Economy
4. Youth

We believe that this initiative would better aid the electorate in making more informative decisions at the polls.

We, the undersigned, call on the Political Parties in Antigua and Barbuda to hold National Debates on manifesto promises, programs and plans for the future of Antigua and Barbuda.

For too long have we been made empty promises and seen opposition without a cause.

We believe that by instituting National Debates amongst the major Political Parties that the electorate would be more informed and there more equipped to make a better decision at the polls.

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