Heavy Metal fans

MurderWorld are one of the heaviest, hard-working, talented, and coolest thrash bands in Australia right now.
MetalStock is one of the premier metal festivals of Australia.

Yet MurderWorld can't be seen anywhere on the festival's line-up for 2007.
With nine more acts yet to be announced, any metal fan who has a remote interest in live music and quality aggresive thrash should be hoping that MurderWorld are one of these nine bands.

With no malice, we, the undersigned, urge the organisers of the annual heavy metal festival MetalStock to put MurderWorld on the bill for 2007.

The festival is widely respected among all ages within the metal community, and many travel far distances to witness the bands that have the privellage to perform there.

MurderWorld are a brilliant band and are more than willing and worthy to hit MetalStock's stage in 2007, and in our collective opinion, the show will be incomplete without a performance from them.

Thankyou, the undersigned:

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