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CEO Judy McGrath and MTV Networks

MTV is launching three new channels for asian americans MTV K, MTV Chi, adn MTV Desi, but they however left us jpop fans out because unfortunately they didn't bother to create an MTV J for us and we don't understand why this is.

The purpose of this petition is to make our voices heard and demand they create an MTV J for us.

We, the undersigned - J-POP fans request CEO Judy McGrath and MTV Networks add MTV J. Upon hearing that MTV plans to launch MTV K, MTV Chi, and MTV Desi; for some reasons not understood, MTV J or MTV Japan was not added.

We want our MTV Japan that plays music videos of awesome artists like Takashi kashiwabara, Ken Hirai, Gackt,
M-Flo, Luna Sea, Exile, Cune, Naotaro Moriyama, TM-Revolution, L-Arc-en-Ciel, Fujii Fumiya, Dragon Ash, Ayumi Hamasaki, and Dreams Come True just to name a few.

Not only would it be nice if MTV creates MTV J that plays music videos, but also has artist interviews, news, and more. It is J-POP that has the largest fan base in all areas of entertainment, including music, etc.. and from all walks of life and around the world.

So, we request that you create MTV J for us J-POP fans.

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