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Rockingham City Council

The Rockingham City Council passed a motion to send 6 delegates to Ako, Japan, as part of a 'Sister City' agreement at a cost of $35,000 to Rockingham city ratepayers. The delegates consist of the mayor, two councillors and 3 members of the 'friendship' committee. The motion passed 6:4. It is believed that the two councillors and mayor taking part in the trip took part in voting to pass the motion.

The community of Secret Harbour was alerted to this motion via social media when a councillor apposed to the $35,000 trip shared the details of the motion on the 'Real Residents of Secret Harbour' Facebook page.

A resounding negative response towards the proposed trip arose in the form of posts and comments on the aforementioned Facebook page. Despite the residents clear consensus that the trip held little benefit for Rockingham City ratepayers, the motion was passed 6:4.

This delegation can provide very little social benefit and no foreseen financial benefit to the ratepayers of Rockingham City and is viewed by residents as little more than a misappropriation of ratepayers hard earned money that would be better spent on projects that hold tangible benefit to the city and surrounding areas.

We believe the 'Sister City' relationship with Ako, Japan to be sustainable without the trip going ahead and that many cited benefits of the 'Sister City' relationship can be, and are, achieved through other, non-ratepayer funded means.

We urge the Rockingham City Council to consider utilising this money to fund projects that hold clear benefits to the city and surrounds.

As residents of Rockingham City, we strongly believe that the economic benefits of this trip to Ako do not measure up to the $35,000 cost.

We, the undersigned, call on the Rockingham City Council to desist from using ratepayer sourced funds to send the above-mentioned delegation and future council composed delegations to Ako, Japan as part of their 'Sister City' Agreement.

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