New Zealand Football and FIFA
New Zealand

New Zealand, a country east of Australia in the Oceania, is affiliated with the Oceania Football Association. Through 2007-2009, the team qualified for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The team in previous years however, have not been able to achieve this. This is due to their affiliation with the OFC.

Because a OFC team is not guaranteed a spot in the World Cup, New Zealand have struggled.

If they move to the AFC, they are more likely to qualify. Also, there are more benefits.

1. If New Zealand move, the team improves. Because the team faces more competitive teams (Bahrain, Australia, Japan, Korea Republic, etc), they will be able to learn the "asian" style of playing.

2. Higher attendances. Due to lack of competitive games, the Westpac has often had less than 4,000 fans at the stadium. But due to more eager away fans and more confident home fans would shoot up attendances.

3. Rise of popularity in football. Again, because of more competition, the popularity of football would rise. More higher attendances and a better team would build more confidence and a better future in the beautiful game.

4. Smaller teams in the OFC would be likely to qualify, due to a more balanced qualification system and if FIFA can figure a way to give the OFC a automatic spot, the small teams get a chance. This is football, everyone deserves a chance at making it to the world cup.

There are probably more benefits, but with these 4 this could help build a future in football in New Zealand.

We, the undersigned, would like the New Zealand Football/Soccer team to move to the Asian Football Confederation.

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