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Halloween will be celebrated on a weeknight (Sunday-Thursday) seven or eight years out of every ten. This causes conflicts for all of the children, students, employees, and adults who wish to celebrate but can't because of their obligations and responsibilities that they have during the week.

By moving the acknowledged celebration of Halloween (trick-or-treating, costume parties, etc.) from October 31, to the last Saturday of October, we could widely decrease any obligations hindering those affected of celebrating Halloween during the week. Halloween is not recognized as a federal holiday but as a tradition; therefore it is not necessarily a finalized date.

Also, there are no religious observations that will be affected by this different celebration date, which will fall between October 25-October 31. Any religious practices such as, praying, feasting, fasting, attending service, etc. on October 31, can still be done without hindrance. The only aspect of the tradition that is changing is the night that people trick-or-treat and or dress up in costumes to celebrate. Additionally, there is a high potential of increased revenue for, but not limited to, bars, clubs, and restaurants as more people are likely to attend on a Saturday rather than a weeknight.

Mainly, this new date would allow those previously unable to celebrate Halloween, due to weeknight responsibilities (homework, tests, papers, curfews/bedtimes, jobs, classes) the opportunity to celebrate with the rest of the nation at no detriment to anyone.

We, the undersigned, call on the U.S. Government to change the acknowledged celebration of Halloween, from October 31 to the last Saturday of October, in the United States.

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