#Animal Welfare
United Kingdom

The veterinary profession is self policing and is now one of the only professional bodies that are,it surely is time that it was policed by an independent body.

It was only a few days ago that I found out that the term"vet nurse"is an unprotected title which means just about anyone can call themselves a "vet nurse" and that all vet nurses do not come under the jurisdiction of the RCVS(the only person a vet nurse comes under is a vet that they work for), so unqualified nurses should not be allowed to work on animals without a vet being present.

A vet may also alter the records of your animal or not keep them up to date which is vital in cases of dispute,all records should be made legal documents.

All of this has come to light because a vet decided he would not make all of his dealings with a very special cat called Ebony( who now has no teeth and a coat that has been mutilated) transparent and runs a practice that at best is confusing and muddled.

We, the undersigned, call upon the RCVS and the Government to between them set up an independent body to oversee the veterinary profession, and make its dealings with the public transparent when dealing with finance, medication, and all veterinary procedures, and to make all veterinary professionals come under this independent body.

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