Adrian Piccoli, NSW Minister for Education

What is happening schools? Children who should be on Individual Learning Plans because they are so far behind in literacy, are getting the same homework as the rest of the class.What's the point? Worse still ,are those children who need extra help ,one to one assistance,but due to no funding,they don't receive the help they need.

It is tragic,that more and more funding is being taken out of the classroom. It is a money game for the schools trying to balance and share out what meagre monies they do receive. They receive money for children with a formal diagnosis, but even that is not much in the scheme of things.

So, we see teacher's aids shared around the school, between children with the greatest need- usually literacy programmes are left to the over stretched classroom teachers, and thus we see children slipping further and further behind. If the school is lucky, they may have a specialist coming in once a week, who will write recommendations, but its up to the teacher to find the time and resources to implement.

Parents are very often brought in to help in the classroom, but these children need one to one individual help. So what is the answer?

Parents and teachers alike, must petition government at all levels to make literacy a priority.

Every child must have access to quality, individualised literacy intervention.

Sign this online petition and comment.

We the undersigned call the NSW Minister for Education, to make funding for literacy a priority;

1. With real benchmarks, that attract set funding in additional teaching assistance per child.

2. Funding allocated for extra literacy teachers at a school level.

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