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This is a list of signatures of people who agree with the statements that have been made. We hope that you consider our opinion and allow us the chance to make a choice about expenses and where to go. Thank you for your time.

Everyone in the senior class is clearly upset about the planning of the senior class fieldtrip to go to LaCrosse. About half of the senior class is planning on just skipping that day because they are so angry about it. We realize that there is very little money in the budget to go to an expensive place and rent a coach bus. However, we are willing to work hard fundraising in the weeks beforehand and pay for our own expenses to wherever we are going. For instance: if we could go to Six Flags Great America we could pay our own way in and for travel expenses to get there. Somehow we could split it up evenly and using the fundraised money it wouldn’t be a problem. Even if all hopes of going out of state are lost, we at least want a choice about where to go in Wisconsin. It is OUR senior class trip and we want it to be memorable. We should have the choice.

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