Govenor of the State of Texas, Govenor Rick Perry
United States of America

For those who do not know, a Moratorium is:
"a legally authorized period of delay in the performance of a legal obligation or the
payment of a debt b : a waiting period set by an authority"
I am sending this petition to the Govenor of Texas, in a plea for him to grant a Moratorium on current death sentences to be carried out. I am not asking for an opinion or vote on pro/anti death penalty. I am not attempting to abolish the death penalty. I am fighting for the rights of a fair trial and due process. It has been proven in 350 capital convictions over the past 20 years
that the convicted person had not committed the crime. Of these cases,25 people were executed before their innocence was discovered.
In cases where the person was guilty, or at least not proven innocent, most of these did not recieve adequate representation. On many cases the lawyer assigned to the case, had never tried a murder case, and/or an appeals case. In one trial, the defense attorney fell asleep during half of the trial! Fell asleep! And the Judge did nothing saying, that the law doesn't require an attorney to be awake during the trial!
Wrather you are for or against the Death Penalty doesn't apply. We are not fighting for the lives of criminals, we are fighting for fair trials, adequate representation, and a Criminal justice system that stands for the morals, ethics, and virtues, our country promises. Declaring the innocence or guilt is not our judgment, our judgment is to be sure that the person/people determining innocence or guilt, are doing so following all standards and proceedings as they are stated in our constitution and the laws that define what we in America stand for.
I am requesting a Moratorium-that all executions be postponed-untill the system is evalutated and an investigation of criminal proceedings is completed. The system is being investigated regardless, but in the meantime, people are being executed, some which may be proven innocent, probaly once it's too late to matter. Once the investigation is completed, those still found guilty and deserving, will have their execution date set and carried through. We are always open and able to carry through an execution, but once someone gets the needle, there is nothing we can do. We fight not for rights of murderers, we fight for the rights of a country founded on freedom and fairness.

Please add your name to the list and forward it to as many people as you can. Because this petition is not about pro/anti death penalty convictions, please note by your name, whether you are for, against, neutral (depending on the circumstance of the crime) or would rather not say (RNS) Every 10th person on the list, (10,20, 30,40, ect.) please send this back to me:

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