City of Morganton, NC
United States of America

I live in Morganton. I was wondering why Charter Spectrum could not provide me with internet when I was 6 miles away from their building location. I drove over to see if there was a mistake. What it is , is that the city of Morganton will not allow Charter Services in the city limits. The only reason AT&T can is because they were registered as a phone company.

The people who live in the city Limits of Morganton are being withheld of high speed Internet because it appears that the city wants little or no competition with the Internet the city provides. Also to mention the city charges high fees for Internet speeds up to 45 mbps. Charter can provide 100mbps for lower fees.

Companies that provide options for Internet should not be stopped by any body of government. Citizens of Morganton should have all opportunities available when choosing Internet services.

Upon signing this petition, you the Citizen of the City of Morganton, NC is requesting the City of Morganton to let other Internet Providers such as Charter Spectrum to provide Internet services inside the city limits of Morganton, NC.

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