#Animal Welfare
Scottsdale City Council
United States of America

Existing code for the city specifies that dogs in public places must be kept under control on a 6-foot leash. It is believed that the code is vague concerning the types of acceptable leashes in that "or any other material" is included in the definition of a leash.

Citations have been issued by police to dog owners utilizing wireless static collars (shock collars) in place of a physical connection to their animals.

Wounded veterans and persons protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the elderly, and those having lesser physical strength than their dog are better able to control their pets using modern technologies and this petition compels the City of Scottsdale to modernize the code to include wireless control systems such as invisible fences and static control collars (aka shock collars and cintronella spray collars).

We, the undersigned, call upon the Scottsdale City Council and Mayor to update city codes concerning dog leash laws to include modern technologies such as "invisible fences" and "wireless static control systems" (aka shock collars).

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