#Human Rights
Matt the Moderator

For the past month Matt has done a great job in Brischat contributing to clean up the community and introduce a healthy chat environment. However there have been several kickings in which decent and actively positive members of the Brischat community, have confronted Matt in a civil and respectful manner about why people have been kicked, and inturn kicked themselves without warning or reason.

There have also been times people have been booted just because of Matt’s pure annoyance. Matt has also used sarcasm on many an occasion which in turn alienates the positive members of the Brischat community, and turns them away from coming back. The point of this cleanup is to introduce a positive chat environment and clear up the mess so people can enjoy themselves.

This is a community chatroom, and matt does have a certain level of responsibility as a moderator to respect the wishes and good of the general community. Treat unto those as how you wish to be treated. Sign this petition if you have been booted for the above reasons, including Alias, Reason, or what you witnessed.

Please keep screenshots handy if such an incident occurs for evidence. Personal attacks and justified kicking comments will be deleted from this petition.

This petition highlights that the community is displeased with the occasional bootings that are unwarrented and are of a personal nature.

People signing this petition have not been booted because This petition seeks to make aware to the Brischat management, that the community is unhappy with the unwarranted kicking as discussed above. We are not asking for the removal of Matt or in no way is this a personal attack, we simply wish to make aware that we the community are unhappy with Kicking of a personal nature or no reason at all.

We simply ask Matt show more restraint and understanding in dealing with members that in no way are disrupting the chat or doing anything of a negative nature. Simply asking a question or confronting a moderator in the correct manner for why someone is booted, or expressing concern, is no reason for someone to be booted.

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